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Businesses and governments alike have made strong commitments to cut carbon emissions

Now it’s time to take action!

Time for action written on a chalk board

The urgency of the transition to a zero-carbon economy has not gone away. Yes, we may have been slightly put off course by dealing with other unpredicted issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian War on Ukraine, but climate change is still here.

The threat of not cutting our carbon emissions doesn’t just affect our environment, but it now seriously affects our business in a number of ways. The ability to demonstrate your commitment and show the progress you are making as a business around climate change is becoming increasingly important.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Customers are demanding lower carbon footprints in the goods services they buy

  2. Increased legislation will continue to drive the cost of emissions upwards hitting profits

  3. Adopting a greener approach eliminates waste and saves your business money

  4. Employees with an environmental conscience prefer to work for net zero businesses

Back in June 2019, the UK government became the first to legislate to reach net zero emissions by 2050; a firm commitment made by signing the Paris climate agreement. Corporate businesses are now beginning to get ahead of this challenge and are redesigning their business strategies around a reduced dependency on fossil fuels.

But where to begin? Knowing how and where to start is key; this is why MKR Solutions Ltd have partnered with CBN Expert. Our combined knowledge of carbon accounting and associated software makes it simple for businesses to measure, set targets, track and report their carbon emissions. Our net zero service is aimed at organisations who want to start measuring their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

The key features of our carbon accounting software are:

  • Full Scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting

  • Full SECR Reporting capability

  • Customisable emissions categories to align reporting to your business

  • Analytics suite to enable full analysis and reporting

  • Customisable intensity metrics allowing you to report emissions aligned to your business activities

  • Create, track and report specific projects

  • Track and report the financial impact of saving carbon

  • Mass upload reports for easy data management

Bear in mind that central world banks recognise that reducing carbon emissions will be good for growth; they also realise, along with investors, that inaction on climate change will ultimately affect the value of their investments. A stable climate directly informs the stability and flexibility of our economy. Therefore, the short-term investment made to reduce your corporate carbon emissions to net zero will be nothing compared to the long-term benefits reaped by moving to more sustainable energy sources and being seen as a greener organisation.

If you need support to reduce your carbon emissions and protect your long-term growth and profitability, contact us at MKR Solutions Ltd and find out more about how our carbon accounting software can help your business.


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