Growing Your Business With You Is Our Passion

Resolving your business challenges  through tailored solutions; consultancy, mentoring, training and our 'Clear the Fog' Review.

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Clear the FOG 

We clear the FOG in your business using our straightforward review process to identify the pain points and to identify the right strategy to move beyond them.


During our initial, FREE, no obligation one hour consultation, we focus on : 

Financial status of your business

Operational/Organisational structure and processes

Growth opportunities 

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Would you benefit from a FOG Review?

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  • Not got enough time in the day?

  • Are you doing everything?

  • Are you always fighting fires?

  • Maybe you struggle with time management?

It is extremely common for business owners to experience some or all the above. You are not alone!

In almost every case, we find that using mentoring and consultancy  tools, we will find a better and more efficient way of doing things within your business.

This can range from a strategy of change management, training and mentoring finance planning and  process reviews.  Our team workshops have been developed so that they can be tailored to  the needs of your business to create empowerment and fill skill gaps, creating leaders in your business to drive growth.

In everything we change or improve we keep the customer in mind.

To discuss the challenges you are facing book our free no obligation "FOG" review which enables us to identify what maybe causing the issues and create a strategic  plan of action.

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  • Do you struggle to attract the right customers?

  • Too many customers leave and don't come back.

  • Are you spending money on marketing and getting no apparent growth from your investment?

  • Is your business running just to stand still? 

Attracting the right customers and retaining them and at the same time growing your business is a challenge.

It takes planning and discipline and a clear marketing strategy. 


Identifying where to spend your marketing budget is key and less spent in the right place is better than more spent with a scatter gun approach.


We will review your business  and identify your ideal customer, identify how to speak to them and create a strategy with your budget in mind. In addition we will help you develop a Relationship Management strategy so that retaining customers becomes a concern of the past.


We always undertake our free no obligation "FOG" review as more often than not there are wider issues affecting the pain you have identified yourself

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  • Do you struggle to identify good candidates for the roles you have?

  • How often have you heard other business owners complain that their problems started when they started to employ people?

  • Does your team have all the right skills?

  • Are your team as motivated as you?

The right team are essential to the success of your business, but how often have you trained someone and then they leave?

We believe that you can improve employee sustainability through some simple processes which ensure the team feel valued.With the right HR and/or employment specialist you will improve the candidate quality and the long term retention of a great team.


Through tailored training and workshops and in specific cases, 1-2-1 mentoring, we help you create a team that feels empowered and valued.

Using lean 6 Sigma tools and our straightforward concise "FOG" tool we identify the wider issues in your business that maybe affecting the pain you are suffering and set out a strategy that supports your goals. 


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