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Client: BKT Motor Services Ltd

Sector: Automotive 

Challenge: BKT needed consultancy support to implement GDPR regulations  into the business to ensure compliance. They had been provided with a good written guide for their industry but didn’t have time or the resources to interpret them and implement as required.

MKR Solution: MKR provided the consultancy review  and turned the guide into a  process document  summarising the key elements affecting BKT. This also included  a plan of action and the relevant processes required to train the team and fully implement the necessary change.

Testimonial: "MKR Solutions have helped us over the last 12 months with our GDPR process and advised us on our marketing strategy. As a small business with limited resources it is always useful to have someone you can trust to call upon when the need arises".  Stuart Tillstone - Director


Client: LDB Group

Sector: Consultancy & Business Support


Challenge: : LDBG needed to offer Brexit related workshops to their clients but didn’t have the knowledge within their own team

MKR Solution: MKR provided a number of bespoke workshops (having spent the last 18 months working advising business on the impacts of Brexit). MKR are now supporting LDBG with bespoke workshops on an ongoing basis.  

Testimonial: "Since first meeting Mike in early 2020, myself and Let's Do Business Group (LDBG) have worked directly with Mike, during which time he has proven to be both an extremely knowledgeable resource on all things Brexit having also developed and delivered valuable EU Transition workshops for Essex SMEs on our behalf. These workshops supported by Mike's specialist subject matter knowledge were the foundations for EUTAS, (the European Union Transition Advisory Service), successfully developed and delivered by Mike in a three-way partnership between the BEST Growth Hub and LDBG in Essex delivering direct, bespoke and professional 1-to-1 consultancy to businesses seeking assistance on Brexit related issues".  


"It has been a pleasure to work with Mike who is extremely personable, professional and knowledgeable and I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his services to businesses."

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Client: Navigation Web Ltd

Sector: IT

Challenge: Richard was working long hours and getting success with referrals from his efforts networking but, despite the growth, was unable to make the numbers work monthly. The growth meant he was inundated with work and needed mentoring support ensuring the workflow was managed and invoices were paid on time. He had several non and late payers too.

MKR Solution: MKR provided mentoring support to Richard on a 1-2-1 basis in April 2019. Using proven change management tools,  MKR  tackled the pricing model.  This enabled Richard to charge a percentage upfront and price the work correctly.  Our change management techniques were used again  to tackle time management and invoicing as well as reviewing the ROI from Networking. His approach to bad debts was challenged and he has become more focused on taking appropriate action to ensure payment. MKR still provide mentoring support in the form of an annual planning review and adhoc mentoring as needed . 


Testimonial: “Mike has helped me bring my cash flow under control and helped me manage my time to be more productive …… not only am I being paid on time I am now being paid more!””


Client: Jacinda Love Marketing

Sector: Marketing

Challenge: As part of the delivery of the EUTAS programme on behalf of the BEST Growth Hub marketing support was required. 

MKR Solution: MKR  worked closely with Jacinda to deliver the marketing plan and to interact and steer the Growth Hub team. This was carried out with weekly reviews and governance calls ensuring the pathway we developed was delivered in the Growth Hub. The project growth continued throughout the period and has now developed into a new programme of consultancy and mentoring support available to Growth Hub clients.

Testimonial: "- I worked with Mike on the European Transition Advisory Service to deliver a sprint marketing campaign. Mike was always generous with his time and ideas and was a positive force at a time of huge negativity around the subject of Brexit. I would highly recommend working with Mike as he manages to get to the nub of an issue and ultimately cut through issues to get a resolution for businesses"

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