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Road to Net Zero
Making your business stronger in a world committed to a Net Zero Future!


Did you know that the UK government is committed to reaching ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050? So what does ‘net zero by 2050’ actually mean?

MKR Solutions believe that committing to net zero does not have to mean large capital investment in technology.


Using our unique Lean2Green approach, we start the journey by ensuring your business is working at its most efficient and delivering the best possible outcomes for your clients and your bottom line.

Our process:

  • Initial suitability review (30mins)

  • Onsite meeting/review identifying net zero opportunities and actions. 

  • Decarbonisation plan developed with your business in mind. 

  • As required we assist with delivery of staff communications and measuring the carbon footprint of your business. 

After the process you will have a clear vision of what net zero means to your business and what your journey to net zero looks like.


  • We are your resource to create the plan

  • Your staff are brought on the journey with you and engage more with the culture of continuous improvement. (staff retention).

  • Customers buy into your social responsibility and net zero credentials.

  • Enables you to tender for work that requires a net zero plan with evidence.  


For only £500 we will clarify your road to net zero moving you ahead of the market.

To book a 30 minute suitability call: Book Here

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