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Why should I take a business health check?

Assessing the performance of your business from within can be a tough challenge.

The MKR Solutions business health check provides a way for you to explore how well your business is doing and provides an opportunity to highlight any areas that could be letting you down. Our business health check is designed specifically to guide you on the aspects of your business that you need to be focussing on in order to grow and thrive.

We will look at the key components which make up your business around financial performance and stability, compliance risk, appropriateness of structure as well as key operational functions and processes.

Whether you need to boost sales, extend your marketing reach, improve HR methods or streamline your processes, a business health check can tell you what is needed and what to do next. We can help you identify areas of the business in need of attention, create a roadmap to positive change and recognise areas of opportunity.

The process:

We’ve deliberately come up with a simple 5-step process so that a feeling of commercial overwhelm is avoided.

  1. One of our specialist advisors work through a 5-part survey with you asking 25 questions about your business during a 1-hour review meeting.

  2. This produces a clear graphical demonstration of your business health and its ability to grow. It demonstrates the positives and the negatives on which to focus your attention.

  3. You will receive 5-point action plan to implement in your business. This is basically your ‘to-do’ list, broken down into manageable tasks.

  4. We follow up in 3 months’ time to re-evaluate your progress; this is your opportunity to show us what has been implemented and its impact.

  5. If needed, we can adjust the action plan to reflect any changes you have made to include areas that still need some attention.

Our business health check is designed to make you think. It is a helpful process that drills down into the good and bad aspects of your business and challenges your own thinking about your performance within your business sector. We will help you get clarity on your business processes, acknowledge what you do well and focus more on what you need to do better. You will see where the issues are, and this allows an opportunity for a shift in focus and effort. Many of our clients say that the process of answering the questions alone is a helpful exercise, even before we have come back with our report.

For £299 including VAT, this is a small investment that can reap big rewards. If you are suffering from business overwhelm, then the MKR Solutions business health check this is the service for you. Book your place with us today.


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