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Why we are now charging for our Clear The Fog Service

For a number of years now, we’ve offered this part of our service for free – but what we have noticed is that what comes for free, rarely gets acted upon

After some careful number crunching and market research we’ve decided that by giving away information for free actually has less value to the customer than when they pay for it. When someone pays you for that same advice, they are much more likely to use what you’ve shared with them and benefit from it.

They’ve made an investment in themselves, and they want their ROI – if it is given away for nothing, there is no incentive to move forward…some businesses need that financial cattle prod!

When you give your advice away for free, people may say “thank you” and “I appreciate your time” – the niceties are nice, but it doesn’t drive the client to take the action they need to take. We were giving our advice away for free as we really wanted the clients we work with to benefit from it, to implement it and get great results – we aren’t interested in our professional reports being shelved to gather dust.

We are all about action, motivation, growth, and results!

When we conduct our 'Clear The Fog' review, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes to understand the key pain points that lay within the business. It’s a concise but detailed review that focuses on:

· Financial status of your business

· Operational/Organisational structure and processes

· Growth opportunities

MKR Solutions will provide a highly valuable written report which will outline our recommended course of action to help take your business to the next level. By having the right foundations, mindset, and business insight, you can make your business far more efficient.

Giving away stuff for free is age old – organisations and individuals alike do it, always in the hope that it will blossom into new business opportunities; its great when it comes to goody bags at the Oscars which are worth $$$, but it’s not so easy for the smaller businesses or budding entrepreneur. Celebrities and online influencers perhaps, but not for the majority of us mere mortals.

We are now trying to shift the mindset of many small business owners who may feel pressured to provide some products or services for free. It’s a standard scheme that still runs throughout many business sectors – the good old sprat to catch a mackerel – but we now know that this particular fish has no real value.

If you’re ready to dig deep into your business for clarity and focus, book your Clear The Fog review today. MKR Solutions are here to help you get motivated and get moving in the right direction.


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