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Did you know that the UK government is committed to reaching ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050?

So what does ‘net zero by 2050’ actually mean?

In a nutshell, ‘net zero’ means the amount of greenhouse gases, such as CO2 that we add to the atmosphere is significantly reduced. In order to meet this environment challenge by 2050, individuals, businesses and corporations in all sectors need to start taking steps to get as close to zero emissions as possible and this means changing the way we utilise fossil fuels and make the switch to renewable energy sources.

There are counterbalances available like planting more trees, protecting forests and improving soil quality in the UK, because a healthy forest absorbs huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere – but it’s not enough.

As a business, we all have an environmental responsibility to do our bit and that’s why we have introduced the ‘Race to Zero’. MKR Solutions is now partnered with CBN Expert and together we recognise the importance of making a lasting commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our daily business processes to limit global temperature increases and reduce the negative impact this has on our planet. This is a UN-backed global campaign which supports companies, cities, regions, financial and educational institutions encouraging them to make rigorous and immediate changes to achieve a healthy zero carbon world.

The term ‘Green House Gases’ (GHG) first appeared in 2001 – over two decades ago – and now we find ourselves in a race against time to reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible. ‘Scopes’ are the way we categorise the different ways we create carbon emissions through our business operations and the wider value chain. Here’s a quick breakdown of what that means:

Scope 1 emissions – This can include the GHG emissions that a business makes directly from running boilers and its vehicle fleet.

Scope 2 emissions – These are emissions that are made indirectly such as the energy we buy in to heat or cool buildings; gas and electricity which is being produced on our behalf.

Scope 3 emissions – This is the big one. This includes everything outside of the business itself; but what the organisation is responsible for up and down the value and supply chain – including the product trail from suppliers and what their carbon footprint looks like.

Being environmentally responsible in business is now a critical element; we all need to be seen to be doing better for our own self-consciousness, to meet criteria within the tendering process and for improved marketing purposes.

If you need support within your organisation to get your environmental Plan A in place, then speak to us here at MKR Solutions. Find out more about how our commitment to ‘Race to Zero’ and our carbon emissions software packages can help your business get to net zero faster. After all, there is no Planet B.


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