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Consultancy that works; proven methods to build your business

The’ COVID restrictions’ gloves are off and it’s time to get your business fighting fit

We’re not your ‘average Joe’ when it comes to business consultancy; growing your business is what we do best. We don’t just throw endless reams of paperwork and manuals at you and give you a huge unsupported to do list, our consultancy service is responsive, close and tailored exactly to your needs. We help your business to flourish by analysing your current business situation, offering possible solutions, consulting with other professionals in specialist areas, sourcing suitable partnerships, as well providing training and mentoring services that creates a strengthened and knowledgeable business backbone.

During the last 2 years, COVID has had a significant impact on businesses across the globe. Many have been unable to survive, many have had to adapt but there has also been a surge in self-employment and small business start-ups. MKR Solutions Ltd is here to help develop and grow your business for success, even after the most challenging of times.

Regardless of size, industry, fledgling or established in years, we will work closely with you to develop new ideas, initiatives, activities and strategies and help you to implement them. This can be for a single or multiple aspect of your business including increasing revenue, expanding your business, boosting profitability or forging strong and lasting partnerships.

Why work with MKR Solutions? After 35 years working in the financial services industry as well as setting up and growing several successful businesses, owner Mike Russell, formed MKR Solutions Ltd. His own high level experience of business development and his success in supporting other businesses makes him a front-runner in the world of business consultancy.

Mike has expertise in:

  • Delivering proven strategies

  • Managing and growing sales teams

  • Pitching to large Footsie 100 companies

  • Growing small businesses

  • Creating better business efficiency

  • Developing people through bespoke coaching, mentoring and training

Our approach to working with you is hands-on. Not only do we work on your business; we physically work in it! You won’t be surprised to learn that we will be onsite on a regular basis, working on an individual and team level. It’s really important for us to fully understand your business operation from top to bottom.

All of our professional, expert advice is strategically tailored to the needs of your business and as such Mike is accredited by IBD (Initiatives in Business Development). This gives MKR Solutions unlimited access to over 200 other accredited business experts who are specialists in their chosen field of business. So, whatever your business challenge may be, we have access to the professional help you need. Furthermore, as a qualified Lean6Sigma professional, we can deliver proven tried and tested methods to improve processes, streamline business effectiveness and grow your business.

We pride ourselves on working in a flexible and responsive way and our consultancy support service is available for as long or as little as you need. We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts, we work with you as part of your growing business family to move your business in the right direction.

If you’d like to explore ways in which MKR Solutions Ltd can support your business, book a free discovery call with Mike Russell and become a post-COVID success story of your own.


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