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Are you looking to increase your workplace productivity?

We explore the reasons why mentoring and training consultancy are important in today’s modern business

By choosing to bring some form of mentoring or training into your business can be a hard decision. Bringing in a third-party to analyse and review your business can be daunting for any business owner whose empire, no matter how big or small, is your baby. We fully appreciate that.

Being too close to your business can often restrict growth and productivity, when all that is really needed is a fresh perspective; a new angle to see your business from. Here at MKR Solutions Ltd, we don’t pitch up and tell you what you’re doing wrong, we optimise and fortify the elements of your business that work and provide you with the route to great ongoing solutions that get results.

This road map to improved workplace productivity starts with your biggest resource, your people.

You may require our individual or group training services, covering specific topics and learning outcomes that will support your business going forward. This is usually delivered over a short period of time and your employees will be trained to 6Sigma Yellow Belts level.

Mentoring is a longer process of support where we encourage ideas to be created, challenged, developed, and implemented bringing a positive outcome to company culture, behaviour and workplace productivity. This can be done as a group session or on an individual basis.

We provide both business solutions and quite often mentoring can cross over with training needs as we go along and identify the deeper-rooted needs of your business. We will create a tailored mentoring and/or training programme which can be delivered in a flexible and engaging way, bringing the best out of your workforce. Some of the benefits of training and mentoring are:

  • Improves staff development as being trained and/or mentored supports professional and personal growth

  • Helps increase employees’ understanding of your business

  • Increases productivity and improve the individual's performance

  • Engages employees leading to improved retention levels and higher loyalty

  • Empowers employees’ sense of responsibility through improved knowledge

  • Builds better relationships across all levels

​Businesses that don’t provide mentoring or training risk their employees feeling undervalued. According to a recent survey by City & Guilds Group, those respondents who said they hadn’t been offered any form of coaching by their current employer, was for the following reasons: lack of investment (33%), taking staff for granted (31%), leaders’ disinterest in staff (22%) and a lack of understanding on the value of coaching (22%) were cited as the most common reasons.

Training and mentoring programmes are integral to workforce productivity and 84% of employees state that it should form part of every business’s management and development programme.

Our programmes can help in adapting to new environments, technologies, change management, corporate culture, career transition, intergenerational working as well as many tailored training courses to keep your business moving and workplace productivity increasing.

If you’d like to talk to us about your business’s training and mentoring needs, or you’d like an outside evaluation on how to increase your workplace productivity with MKR Solutions Ltd, book a free discovery call with Mike Russell today.


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